The Challenge

You have a great product or service, but not enough “eyes” or “ears” to learn why it really IS great  … and so far, you’re not impressed with your current marketing and advertising results.

If you’re looking for near-instant results that lead to sales, you need:

1- Inbound and Outbound Marketing

2- eMail Marketing – “Cold” and Permission Based

3- Real-Time Audience Targeting and Retargeting

The A.I. Solution

Artificial Intelligence Systems like IBM™ Watson, Google™ Home, Apple™ Siri and Amazon™ Alexa are literally changing our lives. The more we use them, the more efficient we become … even with the smallest of tasks.

So why not let A.I. transform your business? Take that same Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology, and teach it how to find customers for your business?

A completely automated lead and sales generation system, using:

  • IBM™ Watson or Amazon™ Alex powered AI system, that eliminates the on-going process of recruiting, hiring, and training call center and customer service staff.
  • A real-time lead generation and lead verification system with Lead Intelligence that provides you with enhanced “full records” lead data.
  • A marketing automation system that manages your growing customer lists, with sales funnels and processes that normally cost thousands per month in fees.

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How We Grow Your Business

Artificial Intelligence + Big Data

A.I. allows us to take human tasks, and perform them faster, more efficiently, and at lower costs.  We’ll save you at least 75% over staffing costs, and increase efficiency and productivity by 10,000 times.

In terms of savings, one client paying nearly $25,000 a month in PPC and Social Media advertising to net 900 leads a month, now pays $7,500, to get over 1100 leads … in 1 Day!

By integrating Artificial Intelligence with Big Data audience targeting, eMail marketing, and Voice Broadcasting, we can provide your business with similar results … guaranteed!

Programmatic Email Open Rate 39%
Programmatic Voice Broadcast Listen Rate 96%
Programmatic Real-Time Audience Targeting ROI 65%
Audience Retargeting Conversion Rate 70%

Step One: Data Input

The most important step of getting immediate results for your offer is to take a few moments to provide us with the details about your ideal buyer.

Today’s targeting allows you to be as general or as specific as you need to be. Get Started Here

Step Two: Machine Learning

We’ll use Big Data to research and create a software algorithm that drives leads and buyers to your offer, business, or phone … in real-time.

The more our system works, the better it gets at driving real-time customers to you.

Step Three: Scaling

We build a Marketing Automation system to efficiently handle the flow of new leads to your offer.

This will allow your business to grow 5, 100, 10,000’s times.
Build your customer base faster than ever!

Million Consumer DATA Records
Billion DIGITAL Impressions A Day
Million Business DATA Records
Big Data and Analytics Partners

What we can do

Our Services

IBM™ Watson or Amazon™ Alexa

AI voice technology at its finest. Coupled with our instant audience targeting capabilities, we can identify thousands of potential customers per hour.  Our AI Power Contact Center and Lead Generation Systems are more precise and more efficient than human staff. You’ll spend less money while generating bigger profits.

Real-Time Audience Tracking

Trading in the Real-Time Bidding Marketplace, we can target and identify your potential customers, in less than four-tenths of a second. We then bid for their attention and redirect them to your offer. Audience Targeting and Retargeting is available for the higher Return On Advertising Investment.

Local - Social - SEO

We partner with some of the best Local, Social and Search Engine Marketing experts, to give you the best performing Organic and Paid advertising campaigns ever. We offer fully managed Local – Social – SEO Services

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Some extra details about us

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long have you been in business?

The creator of this system, AccessOne Software, has been in business since 1995.

How Many Contacts Can You Make?

We have access to over

  • 75 Billion Daily Impressions through the Real-Time Bidding Marketplace
  • A 312,000,000+ Landline and Cell Phone Database
  • Over 224,000,000 Opt-In email database with full records.

Using A.I., we can scale your business as quickly as your needs require.

Is This Some New Kind Of Spam?

No … our founders practically started the effort for responsible emailing and what is now the CanSpam Act. All of our emailing addresses are permission-based.

We maintain a Federal SAN identification for our Voice Broadcasting, and direct access to Big Data technology partners.

You won’t find a service to build your business, attract more buyers, leads or get more conversions than our A.I. system.

Can I speak with someone before I commit?

Absolutely … call us Toll-Free at 1-855-327-9721

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